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Question 21: What are your thoughts on new technologies that have appeared in the field of visual arts? Do you use any of these in your own creative work?


I think technology has always been advancing. I was born in 1964 so, you know, five years later we put a man on the moon, and from then on there’s been a lot of new technological innovations. I think that’s all fodder for artists. I think currently we might be looking at what’s available in computer technology with a little bit of a limited focus on it. Because I think there’re other technologies that artists would love to apply. I’d love to be able to get into heavy industrial factories and use the latest technologies they have there: computerized lasers that can cut through steel, huge presses. All the things that you could find in a laboratory, it would be great to see if you could access that as well. So I think there’s vast amounts of technology that artists just simply don’t have access to and could use, that would be interesting to do. I know I’ve used in my pieces some x-rays and it was not easy to get access to that technology. So I think access to technology is probably an issue that artists have to work on. And as they get access to it, it’s just another tool, so artists will explore it, experiment with it, play with it, incorporate it into their work and you know, over time, it will just be part of the visual cannon.