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Question 10: Are there recurring themes or subjects in your art?


I have several recurring topics that I’ve dealt with in my works in the past 10 to 15 years. I’ve always had an interest in science and that’s been translated through quite a bit of my pieces. I’ve always felt that art and science were trying to do the same thing in trying to describe the world that we live in. One, which would be science, tries to do it with a series of universal laws that anybody can apply to a particular problem. But artists look at a problem from a very personal point of view so if a number of artists were looking at a situation, they would all come up with a different work or a different perspective on it. That’s also translated into a bit of a fascination with the human body. I’ve done quite a few series that looks at the body. Being a sculptor there’s a certain physical presence that you see that you have. I think it’s been a mistake to separate from a person’s point of view, their physical being, from their intellectual being. I think the more that we look at it, you know, the more those things are linked. You can’t just think that your thoughts… the space that your mind occupies is different from the space that your physical being occupies. And, because sculpture is intensely physical or at least the work that I like to pursue is physical, I’ve always had a fascination with that and it’s inspired quite a few of the pieces and series that I’ve done.