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Question 9: What do you find inspiring as an artist?


I find inspiration everywhere. I know I’ve done a lot of works of a social nature. The foibles of society have inspired me and they’ll continue to inspire me. Sometimes I can be inspired by a worthless film because my head disconnects from the immediate level of the story and I’m getting off on the sets. For instance I went to see an American film once, with one of my friends who was getting depressed and wanted to go out and see something. The movie didn’t get me excited at all, but while it was playing I got six ideas of sculptures made with irons, because of what I saw in the sets. So I used something I found boring and turned it into something positive and interesting for my projects. That’s not always how it works out but it worked that time. Everything but everything will inspire me. Sometimes it can be words: someone will tell me something and it just goes click in my head, so I hurry to jot down something. Sometimes the works of art won’t come out immediately, sometimes it can take two years before I use it. Sometimes it fits in a specific context and you don’t have everything you need to make the work at the time, so you do it later. So those are my sources of inspiration.