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Question 8: How do you approach the creation of a new work? Do you have a specific method or way of initiating the process?


I don’t have a specific method. It needs to match with the idea. First of all I have a little notebook where I’ll jot down many, many ideas I get. Then in times of no ideas, I pick something out of there and say: Oh yes there’s this, I’ve got the pieces for it, ta-ta-ta. In terms of sculpture, I have to run around to find the missing pieces, sometimes it can take a long time. You have the idea but such and such a piece is missing. Maybe you’ll find something similar that will yield a better work of art but sometimes you can’t find the exact piece you have in mind, and that’s frustrating. Sometimes you can make it out of metal or wood, depending, but other times it’s something really specific you’re looking for and you can’t find it. As for works on paper, I don’t do much of that anymore. There was a time that I drew a lot more than now. Now I seem to have put that aside. I don’t know if it’s because of animation film... Creating animation is such a long process that when it’s over, I would rather go into something in another medium for a refreshing change. But that’s it, my process depends greatly on the idea. The idea dictates if the work is going to be a sculpture or a painted work or something else.