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Question 21: What are your thoughts on new technologies that have appeared in the field of visual arts? Do you use any of these in your own creative work?


I don’t make use of them. There was a time I would have liked to use it and really get into it, but now I feel like I’ve missed the boat. And the other thing, the technical result, with the pixels, the little details that bother me, so right away that steers me away from that medium. I’m speaking about animation films here. It doesn’t give the visual output I want. And I’m still finding it fun to make brush strokes and pencil strokes by hand without the need of a machine between me and the paper. It seems that the machine is there and I don’t want it, because you need to know how every key works to really have access to it, and I don’t know that, so it’s frustrating and it annoys me. I’m not saying… I can see that if I want jobs in that area at one point, for bread and butter, I’ll have to learn something about it. I’m not sure I’m interested. But what I’m saying only goes for me; other people will feel differently.