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Question 11: Which artists or artistic styles have influenced you? How does this play out, in concrete terms?


I’ll talk more about animation film, because in visual arts… there was Surrealism that I really liked, Dada, that entire period; when I was a teenager, I really enjoyed that very much. The Expressionists also, those were the periods I tripped out on. Pop art, too, is a period I found interesting. Everything was exploding. But my greatest influences concern my work in animation. Some of the artists that I adored and still do include Caroline Leaf, in animation film, an American filmmaker who lived in Montreal for a while and worked at NFB. In particular it was her film The Street that really blew me away. This was when I was beginning to view animation films and that’s a film that I can look at… I’ve seen it at least one hundred times and I’ll never get tired of it. Another one I liked at the time was Paul Driessen, a Dutch artist who came to work at NFB in Montreal. Unfortunately in his case, I enjoyed his work for a while but then I tuned it out because it was becoming repetitive. Paul Veilleux, from whom I learned animation, has very interesting pictorial work. But among them all, there’s Caroline Leaf. I really like what she does, even if my work does not reflect hers, except for her shot changes.