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Question 9: What do you find inspiring as an artist?


My first sources of inspiration were always about the same, they came from reading. I am someone who really likes novels. I like to read a lot and I like words. So if we put all those things together it pretty much came from there… Lots of my works deal with novels. For example, I did a series on the works of Kafka, the three Kafka novels; I did works based on those three novels. I also used poetry, for instance Gérald Leblanc’s poetry that really touched me and that I used for some of my works. I think I get much of my inspiration from reading. I’m a reader who likes to get lost in the fictional universe. I enjoy fiction and poetry a lot more than reading something, let’s say, theoretical or historical. I like fiction because it has dreams in it, it contains the impossible. But it also has the whole world of the individual which for me is interesting to scrutinize. So I would say that my biggest sources of inspiration are what I read.