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Question 8: How do you approach the creation of a new work? Do you have a specific method or way of initiating the process?


When I start a work of art, it’s very specific, I have a process. When I was a young student I already had rules in place when I was doing a work of art or a series of works. I often work in series, a sequence of works. At that point there had to be some rules to the game. Later on around the mid 80’s I started to become more conscious. When looking back at my work, it had already been producing for 5-6 years and I saw the importance of the rules and how I could control them. I developed a process that avoided the blank sheet, the idea of:Okay what am I going to produce?This way of working is very insecure for me. From the beginning I established rules. Often these rules originated in words. So I would take these words and put them in files in the library, that gave me books, those books gave me images and according to the rules, I had to work around certain words. There are always two important factors: the first is chance. Chance plays an important role because if I put a word in a file, that word brings me books, but chance is at play in coming across a given book rather than another. Then there is a genetic part, I would say, that is less about chance but more about one’s experience. That is, why one image rather than another? I have the feeling there’s a reason when I choose an image. Then there’s the unstable phase, when I’m in the middle of doing a work and I have little or no idea – I have an intuition, but I don’t have a clear idea – of where this work of art is going. I would say that it’s a part of existence. That’s what happens more or less when you make a child. You have genes, meaning your background is predetermined, you have a partner who will mix up those genes, but you don’t have much of an idea. You face a lot of insecurity when creating a child. I think that my work is created almost the same way. That means that I have a premise, I choose things as you choose a partner, then chance comes into play with the hand dealt by destiny, the game of genetics. There are things inside me that come out through my work. That’s when it becomes exciting. It takes a certain amount of time before I have a clear idea of what the piece is about, of what my theme is exactly, it only becomes clear later on.