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Question 22: What orientation do you expect to pursue in your art?


I believe the direction I would like to take in the future… I’m in the process of returning to old sources like woodcuts. At this time my process is still… I integrate wood with lithography. So I’m mixing techniques. I was recently telling myself that I’d like to come back to woodcut only, to see how I would rework wood with the skills I’ve developed. As we age, if we continue to be physically involved, we might be a little more cramped and may have a little more arthritis and painful joints, but we still have control to a special degree. When they are young we tell artists: Draw and draw and draw, you have to paint and paint and paint, because it develops this dexterity. As I get older, I feel I have better control of my tools, and I’m able to say: this next wood print I will do solely as a woodcut, and perhaps apply the mastery I’ve gained over all those years that I’ve worked on this, as much on the technical aspect but also in conceiving a piece, in draftsmanship, in applying a drawing to wood, and carving the wood. So I think that as I get older, I might come back to some of my old favourites with new avenues.