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Question 20: In reflecting on your overall production, what are your thoughts on your work as an artist?


When we look at the overall production, I think that firstly, the thing that strikes us the most, it that it is less disparate than we expected. When we are doing them, we always have the impression that there is no link between the pieces. Then we look at the process. Over time, we’re able to look and say: That was a good period. We sometimes are nostalgic for a former period. Recently I seem to be saying: Okay I have less nostalgia for certain good periods in my career. Those were times when I made big things, very large. Today I make them a bit smaller. But I think there’s a refinement that I really like in what I’m currently making, which very few people have seen, that I don’t often show. I feel this refinement is going to play an important role in what will be the next phase of my career.