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Question 19: Which of your pieces are you most satisfied with, and why is that so?


Often the pieces we like… there are some given moments in our creation we do something and we say: Wow that is really good. We don’t know why it’s better than another, but there’s often that feeling. Then there are works which we don’t feel are very interesting and yet with time they become outstanding, very significant works. At one point, pieces that I made, I would say they were turning points, pieces that changed the way I worked after that. In 1985 there was a particular work that I made based on a Raymond Roussel novel, it was a work entitled Impression d’Afrique. That work was the first one I tried to work according to a certain set of rules, but with a conscious understanding of the rules I was putting in place. I knew there were rules to the game and I played the game. I had lots of pleasure. Once this work was done, I made the decision that all my other pieces would be done that way or at least with that game. The rules of the game would change but I would always have the game, the pleasure of putting the rules in place, of trying to observe them, and confronting the unknown. I must say the Raymond Roussel novel which inspired Impression d’Afrique was a confusing novel. The first ten chapters are absurd; it’s hard to understand anything. In the next ten chapters, everything falls into place. That’s when I understood how the game worked. At the beginning when I’m making my pieces, it’s all confusion, then everything falls into place. So that work in 1985 was influential. Then there were other works, works that came from a troubled time in my life, when there was more depression, more anguish. I did one work in particular that I found harsh, but I knew it was good. It was agony, it was anguish, everything was in it. The piece that followed, after the depression, was more on the serene side, work that in my opinion was very important. There are periods when we just continue our progression. In the last series that I’m working on, I think I’m going to bring things out that will be very different. Another turning point or influential phase for the last part of my career, or at least another part of my career.