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Question 16: Do you think an artist has a specific role to play in society? If so, what is it?


I believe that artists play a very important role. Society in general, is aware of the role played by artists. Aware in the sense that there is a myth that artists are created by society that states: this one is an artist. There are pros and cons. The role of art in society? You’d just have to remove it, and then we’d understand its importance. I mean if we got rid of movie theaters, books, literature, and if we removed design, that’s a form of art I think, architecture, if we only met the basic needs, such as feeding ourselves, cars are only for travel; they don’t have to be beautiful or interesting. If we removed art, we’d be removing a huge part of life. Life would be boring without it. So art and artists have very important roles. These roles are diversified, as some art is more socially engaged. I don’t claim to have a calling to engagement, in my work. I mean I don’t aim to speak in favour of the environment for example, which is something that’s dear to my heart, but that’s not my calling when I’m doing my work. When I’m making my pieces, it’s mostly about human beings, coping with life. What’s the purpose of a human being? My concerns are rather more existentialist. They always involve characters, the individual facing up to what he is, on the inside. That is how I look at art, and I believe that every artist has a different calling. Some art is more committed, there is protest art, there’s art that is in the street, and some arts are more of an entertainment. I believe all of it is necessary; it’s like saying there’s not only one colour that is pleasant. You have to have a multitude of colours, and you need a multitude of art forms to have a pleasant society.