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Question 15: What motivates you to pursue a career as an artist? Why make art?


Why do art, why continue? It would be difficult to stop. When I was young, from the time I finished my bachelor’s until I started my master’s, I tried stopping. Maybe if we ask ourselves the question, why are we doing this, why do we rack our brains? – because sometimes I think we do rack our brains – because it brings us pleasure, but I believe stopping would be impossible. We think about going into retirement when we are working at certain jobs. I tell myself that someday I may be physically incapable of turning a press, with arthritis. I don’t think I will ever stop, though. There would be pleasure in doing it. Getting older is probably one of the best things as an artist, I find it gets better and better. The moment of turning out a work, for me it’s turning out a print, lifting the sheet coming off the plate, age doesn’t make that a routine, it makes it a passion. As we age it seems, when you’re conceiving pieces, there’s not enough time to make all of them. That’s the good side. The reason? It may be, because of all our activities, it’s the one thing we like doing best. It’s like a pastry cook who says: When I retire I’m going to stop making pastry. But if he has a passion for it, then he’ll keep on baking. That’s what art is, as I age, I get less stressed, I have less anguish, I don’t expect that this particular work will make a huge change in anyone’s life. But it always brings me the pleasure of saying: There’s something in this one that is not in any other, and I can’t wait to find out what it is.