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Question 14: Why do you continue to live in Atlantic Canada instead of moving to an area that affords a larger distribution network for your art?


So Moncton is not a big distribution network. It is hard to earn a living, it’s almost impossible, from the sale and distribution of our work. I don’t really care for the distribution part. I like it when someone comes in to look at my work and says: I’m going to take your works and exhibit them elsewhere. I’m not saying I create works so that they won’t be seen, but the task I dislike most as an artist, is organizing exhibits, going to openings and showing my work. Once that’s over with I enjoy it. Say I organize an exhibit somewhere, I am very happy the night of the opening. But the organization, the time, putting files together, preparing, that doesn’t really excite me. Being in Montreal or elsewhere to sell your work, there’s certainly a better chance, but the problem remains. I don’t really like taking care of those things. So would I be more organized, would I try to sell myself, would I find a gallery to represent me? I don’t know but I’m not really smart on that side of things.