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Question 13: Does your everyday environment stimulate your creativity? In what way?


I think we are rather spoiled in Moncton to have a dynamic cultural environment, which allows interaction among people. We have seen generations settle, generations that left university, moved away and then returned. A first generation, a second generation, I think we could even speak of a third generation, of artists that are settling in this community. It’s a strong enough environment, it is inspiring. People come together, they have lots of interaction. That would also exist if I were in Montreal, Toronto or any other large urban centre. But I think there is an identity that is unique here. There’s the Acadian culture that is unique, and I feel that’s an advantage in comparison to being in another urban centre. Especially today, where it’s easier to travel, to go see exhibits elsewhere, to be in contact with forms of art elsewhere, and to read what is going on elsewhere with the internet and all that. We can travel a lot more, but for me, Moncton is enough to inspire me.