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Question 12: Are there any noteworthy events that influenced your career?


The events that can influence a career… I don’t have an international career or a big career. It’s a career that I get lots of pleasure from. I wouldn’t wish for it to be anything else. I like to be the artist that works in a studio, I don’t like to be the artist who exhibits, I don‘t like to be seen. I don’t really like to travel so for me I like to be isolated in my own world, in my studio. So the events that influenced me, I would say, first, as soon as I finished my master’s, I leapt into the labour market, looked for work and all that. It’s a funny thing to say, but I think I had a calling to be a teacher. I knew it from the first day I started teaching. I taught at a CEGEP, and the first morning, I had no training as a teacher, I had never done an internship in a school, I just ended up in a classroom, and that very morning, I knew that I would like teaching. So I would say that in regards to my career as an artist, teaching is as important as my career as an artist. I know some teachers who would say: “I am first and foremost an artist.” I don’t know if I am first and foremost an artist. I know that I like being an artist and that I also like teaching. The blending of both for me is essential. For sure, as I get older I might like to spend more time in my studio, a little less time in the classroom. But if I wasn’t in the classroom I know that I would miss it a lot and that my creativity would also miss it. I believe that I get a lot of nourishment from teaching, from contact with students, with the passion, the innocence and the wonder that students have in a classroom, when faced with creation.