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Question 10: Are there recurring themes or subjects in your art?


In my work I would say that I see recurring themes. I work with elements of chance, but there’s also a part that I program ahead of time, by choosing certain words rather than others. Sometimes they are a play on words. I played for awhile with the word “paradise”, that was “pair of dice”, so an English play on words that toyed with the concept of randomness and therefore of games. So there were themes that came out of that playing, a series pertaining to orphans. Twice, from two very different game schemes, with very different rules, I came up with series of orphans. So I thought, there may be a reason why orphans come into my process. Orphans represent an often unknown part of genetics. Orphans are also a game of chance: they have, for some reason, lost their parents. There may have been deaths, they may be abandoned, there may be all sorts of reasons, but there is still a factor of chance that blends with the genetic factor. So those are themes… I don‘t know if the fact that I use this method to work with makes this come out in the end result. I had a series that I did specifically on genetics, on genetic differences, and also similarities. I worked on identical twins for a period of time. There was this fascination about the twin, twins. I asked myself: Why a twin? I went as far as asking myself: Would I have wanted a twin? I think the twin is a mirror but better than a mirror. A mirror is somewhat like a print: it will reverse our image. When we look in the mirror we see a reversed image of ourselves. A twin is closer; it is more like a non-reversed reflection. It’s my other self and there is that whole question of being, who am I? A twin provides the means to say: I can leave my body and see myself from someone else’s point of view. We have a difficult time perceiving ourselves, our bodies, because we are living in them. We don’t see it from the outside; we only see it from the inside. I believe that a twin has the ability to look at the individual from an outside point of view. I’m in the process of leaving my body and I look at who I am. That’s the idea that fascinates me with identical twins.