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Question 19: Which of your pieces are you most satisfied with, and why is that so?


I’m not sure that I have favourites. Yes and no, because of course some paintings have a special grace because there was a certain energy surging through me when I did them. But I feel that it’s rather my production as a whole that makes me understand my own process of acquiring knowledge, about the universe that permeates my work. What is in the painting is myself, it’s what I’ve put in the paintings through the energies that I’ve received, my dealing with these energies, the understanding that came with knowledge and so on. That whole energy is in the painting and I can follow the progress of that knowledge through my paintings over time. So I think that it’s the whole that I find more interesting rather than an individual work. A single work is like a single child among 10,000 children. If you pay attention to one child, that child becomes a marvel, but if you look at the entire set of them, that whole is also marvellous. Even if some of the children are more particularly interesting than others, it’s true and not true, because if you pay attention to the one you feel is the least interesting, it will reveal itself as I said before, it will reveal its beauty. So it’s the whole process that gives me most satisfaction, it reassures me that I’ve followed through consistently in what I set out to accomplish.