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Question 15: What motivates you to pursue a career as an artist? Why make art?


I feel that the very making of my body is intended for the painting profession. So I don’t want to be anywhere else. I simply want to have enough knowledge of my body and mind and feelings and intellect and all my physical parts to be where I should be and do what I must do. I’ve been in the creative world since the beginning of my life and I don’t see why I should do anything else and I don’t wish to do anything else. The fact that it’s here, in an environment where there’s a lack of means, that doesn’t prevent me from working eight hours in my studio every day for 40 years. I don’t see what else I could do that would be more interesting. I’m here pursuing this practice because that’s my life, that’s the way that I’m starting to know something about the universe, these are funny questions, here I go with something stupid, about how the cosmos operates, the word itself is so overwhelming, such questions as, let’s say, we’re always wondering, What am I doing on this Earth, why am I here? What is the relationship of this planet with the galaxy and how many galaxies are there? What is the dimension of the self in this cosmic energy? You come to realize that we’re nothing, absolutely, at the cosmic level, we’re nothing, but we’re everything at the same time. That whole idea of all and nothing, as a great sage once said, Suppose you go on a beach and remove one grain of sand, you’re changing the entire idea of that beach. Reflecting on this idea brings you to have a relationship with life that is based on something different, it’s a relationship of knowledge. I feel life exists to know things, and to know something I must put my whole focus on one single thing because there are too many things to do and you can get lost in terms of knowledge, lost in all those things you have to do. So that great sage said, The part is in the whole and the whole is in the part. Everything is in the part, therefore through one small portion of your human activity you will know the whole. This means that if I give over my physical and intellectual activity, and all my time, to this small thing that is painting, really focused you see, I come to know the whole, that is, I find some answers to why I’m here, what’s the size of the universe, what happens with generation, how the cosmos generates our own universe. These are extremely fundamental and important questions. Well I practice art to try to understand how my life works and how the universe operates. And I don’t see why, having chosen painting through that whole process, and with 25 years of studies in universities, colleges and school, all this to be able to make a choice. I made my choice, I found painting as the resultant of all my desires and of all my intellectual, instinctual, instinctive practices, trying to find out some of the reason why we’re here, what we’re doing here, what is the meaning of a relationship between one individual and another, how it operates. Just paying particular attention, because in doing this… I’ve noticed that, for example, when you pay attention to your partner, she will unveil her beauty, won’t she? And the more time you give her and the more attention you give her, she is revealed, her beauty is unveiled. In the universe, in every thing, it’s the same. And if you give all your time to painting, painting will reveal its beauty, will reveal what you didn’t think was there. I spent 15 years before creating my first painting, precisely because I gave those 15 years of my life working eight hours a day at painting, and painting revealed something to me that I did not know. While I had made 1500 paintings in the previous 15 years, I realized that I was painting my first painting, because there had been this revelation, I was paying particular attention to painting and it revealed something to me. So that also applies to all areas of human activity. If you have a partner that you neglect, she will reveal nothing, that’s elementary, but if you give her attention and due respect….