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Question 13: Does your everyday environment stimulate your creativity? In what way?


The environment… is an environment wherever it may be. Whether it’s here or in France or in Montreal or in New York, given that I entertain a very particular relationship between life and painting, the environment I’m in will be a stimulant no matter what. I mean that if there is nothing to stimulate me I will find something in such common objects as a leaf, lawns or a stand of trees. Different environments stimulate us differently. If you are in Acadie, for instance, it’s because you know that people are going to leave you in peace, so you can live in complete silence for many years before someone will call you, and you can devote all your time to creation, in your chosen pursuits or in the work that you have decided to spend your life doing. If you are in New York on the other hand, nobody will let you be, you’ll be in an intense physical activity that provides its own kind of stimulation, each environment providing its specific stimulation. Here it’s silence, and nature that has not been overly exploited, and that’s different. But I find myself in this particular environment because of insufficient financial means to be anywhere else. Because If I had loads of money, I would have a studio in New York, maybe I’d have another one in an African desert, I would have several studios in order to absorb various kinds of physical stimulation. Life is life and since I’m in it, I will take advantage of everything that exists, everything that happens, to work at paintings. And intellectual or visual stimulation, well I get that from art magazines, books, television, and in a different way than if I was in a more… Where I’d most like to be for artistic stimulation, is New York. As far as I’m concerned there’s no other environment at the moment. It’s the world center for intellectual and artistic stimulation, so that would be it.