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Question 12: Are there any noteworthy events that influenced your career?


There have certainly been noteworthy events that brought me to change career paths. It doesn’t happen by accident, there are events that, yes, cause you to take a different direction, like choosing painting right in the middle of my career. I had an office, I had ten employees or so, I was regarded as one of the more important creators in architecture in New Brunswick. But I did not like the business at all, and changing career is an incredible upset, obviously, at the office, with your friends, your family who don’t understand what’s happening with you, such a calm and organized person, someone who creates such beautiful things, with such an enviable social position, with enough money to buy elegant cars and everything else, it’s incredibly upsetting. But life is not something that we can control, life is a total energy that leads you by the nose and if you’re open to life and go with it, then you just go. If you are an artistic type or an artist in your soul from the very start, the first thing this represents is freedom: freedom to act, freedom to choose. So obviously there are always events that come up in your life, that make you sit up and notice what’s going on and lead you to say, No, I won’t do this, I’m not interested in doing this. That is the attitude of the artist; an artist who is free can say, No I won’t do this, I don’t want to get into that kind of thing. So everything I’ve done in my life was because I had the right to say no and that right is one of the reasons people are envious of artists, because he or she has the right and takes the right to say no to things that present themselves. So yes, this always happened to me.