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Question 21: What are your thoughts on new technologies that have appeared in the field of visual arts? Do you use any of these in your own creative work?


I am certainly open to all those fields, but I don’t necessarily use them personally. I admire those who venture into it. It’s like an exploration, a new exploration. Maybe if I were younger I would be more… I feel I’ve done my share of exploration. So I leave the task of developing in those new directions to the young people. I find it is really great. It’s also great in terms of documenting and communicating things. As an artistic medium, it’s obvious that creative work can make use of, and is making very good use of, these new technologies. On the other hand it would upset me to see… There are traditional elements of art-making that also must be preserved. Not necessarily to hold back technological progress, but because this foundation can be integrated with technology. That’s where things get interesting. Yes.