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Question 20: In reflecting on your overall production, what are your thoughts on your work as an artist?


I certainly am proud of myself, to have been able to… I would be prouder if the historians… They’ll judge whether what I’m doing is worthy or not. In any case, I know that I was as enthusiastic at the age of 10 when I was accomplishing or creating things as I am presently. I find that’s a bit of a mystery, or perhaps a miracle. What often happens is that artists will completely give up. Maybe I should have given up more often, but it was always there. I don’t know maybe it’s in my genes. When I saw my parents, with a family of 13, working and wanting to succeed, and me with my ideas of wanting to succeed in the field of arts, it wasn’t easy to imagine. But as I said, I persisted and did what I could. Even now at my age, I still have several projects and not enough time to do them.