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Question 18: What is your purpose in art-making?


Well, to create a work that I’m proud of, to a certain point, after I’ve done what I can with my creative and technical capacities, it’s to try and create a work that will stand up for itself. In other words, it’s like having a child and you’re proud because, well, he’s well dressed, and he can fend for himself in society. It’s a little like that, it’s to have a work who doesn’t need you, certainly that’s the case in the visual arts – it’s a given that you can be derivative in the field of literature, or poetry, and so on – you want to have a work that is complete in itself, even if it is obscure, or anything you want to call it. There has to be enough content to make the viewer look within himself or herself and try to establish a contact with the piece. On the other hand I always try to give these works a somewhat enigmatic twist.