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Question 16: Do you think an artist has a specific role to play in society? If so, what is it?


It’s always the question of presenting works that will try, either on the political or poetical level, to embellish everyone‘s life. Trying to prove that there are things other than problems, even if you know there is a problem, it’s a way of trying to deal with… I would’ve liked to solve all the world’s problems but in time I realized you can’t do it. Kouchibouguac. Well Kouchibouguac became a park; Jackie Vautour no longer lives there. There certainly are political forces that are beyond our power. I remember in the 1950s, the beginning of the 1950s at the École des Beaux-Arts, we saw lots of poverty in Africa. I even created a little model of… But we become aware that even if we are sympathetic to those people, or those situations, it takes a team of people. It’s not only artists and politicians who are sensitive, the administrators, just about everyone. So it’s wishful thinking if we want to settle those things alone, but I think you should try and educate people who will see your works. In various ways, too, it’s to wake people up, sometimes it’s to soothe people, in the end, there’s different emotions, there’s a whole range of emotions at play. That’s why it’s interesting to have all kinds of artists.