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Question 15: What motivates you to pursue a career as an artist? Why make art?


The last exhibition I had at the university in 2004… In other words, I was supposed to be on strike: it’s because an artist in visual arts on strike, you know, people don’t notice. This is when you first get the message, when the house is full and there’s no more place to put your things. Either you go back to miniatures - it seems that because I’m a certain age, I’m supposed to say. Okay, stop now. But there is something inside of me that urges me to continue expanding on what I’m creating. Each time it’s also a question of doing things that I wanted to make 30-40 years ago. Like portraits, monuments, those types of things. All of a sudden, there are all sorts of opportunities. But what I like is that there’s greater awareness in many environments, people are more aware. However, artists often don’t have the financial means to create what they want. Because I consider that visual artists are the most generous in the artistic field. Although they are all generous, but in any case… Working simply for applause may be interesting but it’s not fair in the end. As I often say, we can’t live on air and poetry alone; it also takes food on the table.