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Question 14: Why do you continue to live in Atlantic Canada instead of moving to an area that affords a larger distribution network for your art?


Well, in 1956, when I graduated from the École des Beaux-Arts, I had the choice of living in Montreal, Quebec. I made my decision. I knew that all my colleagues… my friends from Edmundston were telling me: Listen, don’t go making a martyr of yourself, don’t go back home, stay here. But there was something attracting me. For one thing I couldn’t live in a big city. I always liked being either among trees, or near the ocean, or close to nature, having to deal with the consequences of isolation. But with the means of communication today, there are lots of projects that are trying to get rid of this isolation in the visual arts. A singer takes his guitar and that’s all he needs… Whereas we have to travel with our exhibitions, or go live where the exhibition is taking place, often the creative environment is not the same. At any rate, it depends on the individual. I‘m only giving my opinion, but I respect that different artists could have a totally different viewpoint, I personally prefer to be in a place that is closer to nature.