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Question 11: Which artists or artistic styles have influenced you? How does this play out, in concrete terms?


Well there are certainly several visual orientations that have influenced me as well. At the age of 17 or 18, the Renaissance sculptors, and before that the Greek sculptors and all of them, they certainly influenced me. During my studies in the 1960s, there was Henry Moore, Zadkine, I identified with those movements. And with lyricism in painting, certainly you have Mathieu, the French painter; you have Roméo Savoie, my friend, who is very subtle in his work. There was a time when he also worked a lot with calligraphy. So up to a certain point, I was also taken by this, but it’s always about finding my own solution in all of that. Presently my style, and what ensues, is often determined by my contact with the materials, the processing options offered by the materials, which lead to something else, without necessarily enslaving myself to one style.