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Question 15: What motivates you to pursue a career as an artist? Why make art?


I must admit that I don’t experience many difficulties because I don’t live off my art. Because when we speak of art, of being an artist as a profession, when you look in the dictionaries, a profession is a practice by which you earn a living. There are not many among us who can really say they earn their living by being an artist. But it so happens that I don’t really have to earn my living by being an artist, so I don’t have that stress of absolutely having to produce more, to sell more. Most of the artists I know have another related way of earning their daily bread so… What keeps me motivated? I started so late that I can’t stop yet, I still have some way to go, I think. So I’m still pretty enthusiastic. I sometimes hit a low point, a hollow wave after a big project. Of course there’s always a little period where nothing much is happening… No I think I still have a few more years, at least I hope I can keep on going for a while.