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Question 14: Why do you continue to live in Atlantic Canada instead of moving to an area that affords a larger distribution network for your art?


It was really a choice to come and live here, so I have no regrets on that account. I don’t feel I’m missing out on anything, that I would get more or it would be better if I lived elsewhere. Of course there are more opportunities for contacts and for seeing exhibitions, more museums and galleries and so on. But as for the profession, I’m not convinced that it’s any easier. Because there are more artists, there are more openings, but there are more artists, the competition is greater. So it evens out in the end. A smaller place is less intimidating in many ways, and if one of us wants to get their work seen in Montreal, Toronto or New York, the world is small these days with Internet and international travel. There’s always an opportunity to get your pieces shown elsewhere if you care to, if it’s something that matters to you. So that’s why I’m perfectly satisfied with the environment in which I live.