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Question 8: How do you approach the creation of a new work? Do you have a specific method or way of initiating the process?


Well, increasingly, I proceed… Like this afternoon. I was in the studio where I’ve been working for the last month on a domestic scene, a scene with a kitchen, with many kitchen items in it. So the chandelier, the sink, the oven, the table, the dishes, the clock, the television. And, from this painting, I thought it would be interesting if on the next painting, the chandelier had a larger place, bigger in the middle of the painting, the chandelier lighting the scene. Then I did the second one and I thought it would be even more interesting if the chandelier was gigantic and we could see the items in the kitchen through the chandelier. So then I created a third painting. So then, by doing that one, where the chandelier was gigantic, I wanted to find a way to show the light that shone from the chandelier. I thought that it would be interesting to have a symbol of fire, flames, and at the same time a soft heat. So I thought of plant flames with plant motifs, in other words tree leaves that would appear somewhat like flames coming out of the candles. So then I started that and it looked like fire, it looked like light coming from the chandelier and at the same time they were plant leaves, that don’t necessarily have anything do to with fire, but it worked. So I’ve reached that point. I’m anxious to see, from this point, what I‘ll do for the next one. I feel that this way, this new concept of light, plant and fire, will lead me to something else. I’m thinking it out. So one painting leads you to the next, that is more or less how I proceed. Before that, it was the lunar eclipse. There was a lunar eclipse in October 2003, it was a very cold fall evening. We were there watching the lunar eclipse at night. Then I started to do a painting on it, then a second with some small changes to the geographic composition then, all of a sudden, because I kept repeating my drawing, there was a spiral that appeared in my geographical composition, then I thought of integrating the Spiral Jetty that can be seen in the United States, a work of “landscape art.” And then I imagined nature taking over the spiral. Because that spiral disappeared into the lake; at some point, the level of the lake rose, making the spiral disappear then, in the past few years, it has come back, all turned to white, covered with salt. Then I imagined that it was the trees that had taken over the rocks that were set on the lake. So, that is another way. When I started it, it was the moon, the lunar eclipse that was behind it, then it slowly developed as the design developed.