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Question 7: Did you develop a personal technique in the use of these media? If so, how would you describe it?


The particular technique that I use is based on drawing before colour is added. The drawing is done by removing paint from the painting, by scraping it, you see. That’s a technique that I like a lot. I started that in 1986 maybe and since then I’ve been doing it this way because again, I don’t feel like I’ve finished exploring this. When you think about it too, in the very beginning it was a quick way of creating a line. But for me it allowed me to do a spontaneous drawing then, after, I added colours to accentuate the idea that I was expressing. But in the very beginning, the idea of doing a line quickly allowed me to make a drawing spontaneously, instead of working with a tiny brush to do a line, well that could be done in a single stroke. The stroke could be more gestural. So this way of working that I discovered suits me well. The line can become a symbol. Over time, I started to think about what it meant, what it does really, in fact, is limit the volumes, it marks the volumes’ boundary. In the sense that if I paint two fingers one beside the other, well there is a line between the two to define the fingers but the line is also the void between both volumes. The void is needed so that each of the volumes remains whole. In other words, even if the objects are very close to each other, they are still defined in terms of each other, but they aren’t mixed together. So the notion of void is very present in my paintings, because of the line. A notion that didn’t used to exist. Because, at a certain point in the history of painting, well actually in the history of humanity, we didn’t believe in the void. The person who invented the thermometer, who had to explain that you had to create a vacuum in a tube in order that the liquid in it would react to the heat, was criticized by the clergy of the period because the void didn’t exist, it wasn’t acceptable as a notion to be developed. Now we’ve come a long way, but it remains that in my painting the void is there, and it is there to give definition to my ideas.