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Question 5: How has your artistic practice or approach developed over the years?


The development of my practice… I really think that we learn the craft by working also. So that I never… That is what greatly motivates me to paint constantly. And by working that way, well we learn from our errors that have slipped into our work. And sometimes the mistakes or the accidents become something positive, in the sense that you may want to integrate them into what you’re going to do in the future, because the painting that you’ve done brought you something, taught you something. So that is my approach: to work work work, learn something new. When you have a new concept and a new way of expressing something precise, then you reflect on what you’ve been doing over the past 15 years and there are ideas you want to reexamine with all that you’ve just learned, so that is what makes you move forward. For me, that is the approach that I use.