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Question 20: In reflecting on your overall production, what are your thoughts on your work as an artist?


Looking at it as a whole is difficult because I no longer have access to all of it. Because I’ve been painting for 20 years and there are a lot of paintings that I’ll never see again. Most of them are documented on slides but I don’t look at what I’ve done very often. As for my thoughts on it? I think that it’s too soon for me, I’ve only been working at it for 20 years. I don’t have any thoughts on my work, I’m still working out what I’m trying to do. And you know the figures, the lines, the volumes, the colours are like the words of a sentence. When you add something new, when you learn a new word you add it to your vocabulary and you no longer say things the same way. Well, painting is a bit like that as well, so that when you develop a way of saying or illustrating something that then interacts with other concepts that you already had, well that expands your repertoire, you see. Then after that, with this new word, you can even go through your old concepts again that you’ve developed, but with the new ones that might then articulate a little more precisely what you wanted to do. So it’s always in the process of redefining itself and of becoming more precise in terms of what I really want to say, or the way I see the image developing.