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Question 19: Which of your pieces are you most satisfied with, and why is that so?


It’s difficult to say, because once you’ve done a painting, you’ve pushed the idea as far as you could and then you think of something else, there is a sense of satisfaction with your work. Ok wow it’s fine, I did what I wanted to do. But also, after that, you lose interest because you pushed it as far as you could and you move on to something else. But then what you find interesting is something else you’re developing, so that you’ve turned the page. So, the one I’m the most satisfied with is probably the one that I’m working on, that’s pretty much it. After that, the painting has its life, either it collects dust in the back of the studio or it ends up in an exposition somewhere or somebody buys it and takes it home and maybe I won’t see it anymore either or it winds up in a museum or… So the satisfaction comes from what I’m working on rather than what I’ve done.