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Question 13: Does your everyday environment stimulate your creativity? In what way?


In some ways and in retrospect, you realise that the environment has been a stimulant. When we first started out in the field, we felt encouraged by people who perhaps needed what we had to offer as a younger generation, and as people who had a need for self-expression. So the surrounding community, I don’t mean the community as a whole, but certain persons within the community were there to make sure we felt encouraged in what we were doing. I never believed it was important to live in a large center to feel more inspired. Because my sources are internal, I feel I can do… No matter where you are, you can find a way of saying what you want to say. Of course it’s interesting to be able to travel a bit and to live in other communities, to see what’s being done elsewhere. But we can find what we need in our community.