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Question 9: What do you find inspiring as an artist?


Dog doo. It seems that unless I’m really depressed, and life doesn’t feel worth a crock, I’m inspired. It’s one or the other. Like now, I just bought a Palm Pilot with a camera on it, so I’m in meetings and then I’m telling myself: Well I will take pictures of all the meetings I’m going to attend for the next three years. It feels like inspiration is always there. But the things that really…what I call burns my ass, it’s a piece of music that bothers me, music that’s got nothing to do with beauty, as I see it. Anything that questions beauty inspires me. So, filmmakers and writers who do… ugly stuff, well that bugs me a whole lot, it makes me antsy. I think that ugly stuff makes us reflect more on what we find beautiful or on beauty itself. Then, once we get on that road, we realize that nothing’s really ugly. So, anything I find ugly ends up inspiring me. Most of the photographs I’ve collected and the objects I use in the studio is trash I find alongside the road. I even go for walks specifically in those areas where I know there will be lots of trash on the side of the road and I pick up stuff. These are objects I must look at, that somehow ring a bell. I don’t really know, could be some scrap of paper from a candy bar or it could be a kid’s toy. But if bits of text or colours that stand out, something that rings a bell, I don’t question it, I pick it up and then there are boxes in the studio I put them in. Some things I’m working with today I’ve had for 20 years, and it’s the first time I get them out of the box. So, inspiration is really here all the time, it may be an inspiration for tomorrow, or an inspiration for yesterday. Sometimes I have no inspiration for the moment, but it’s usually when... I’m past caring, like when there’s a lot of political crap going on, things that get me upset; then inspiration is gone. So, it’s not a matter of inspiration coming to me, it’s more about inspiration going away and inspiration naturally comes back. But there’s always a project on the back burner. If I were to do all the work I’ve got on the back burner, I would oversaturate my market incredibly; so many of the ideas are just that, small psychological puzzles I give myself to answer questions for other works. But inspiration is always there, it never goes away.