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Question 3: When did you begin to actively create art?


I was 13 and I had asked for a camera for Christmas. My dream was to have a camera, and the second I had the camera in my hands, I realized that for me it was a way to express myself. I didn’t know it was art, there was no art in my environment; my family had had no contact with the art world. One of my uncles did some painting, but he did flowers and stuff like that. But he was like the weirdoof the family, so obviously I wasn’t about to follow in his footsteps, though that’s exactly what I did. I couldn’t see “art”; but I could see that it was a way for me to express how I saw the world. That way of expressing myself made sense to me and I felt I could make sense to others as well. So I began doing photography and then, when I was at university, and when the science dream started to somewhat fade away, I could see it was the only way I had to offer something to my society, my culture. Though I’ve never been, you know, one to wave the Acadian flag. I was Chiac, I was proud to be Chiac and if I could speak English, I spoke English. The Acadian side, naturally, it’s only when I left Acadie that it started coming back. So when I talk about culture it’s only, it’s every individual. We look for something to offer people around us. Once again, if we want to define that as art, I started doing art when I was 13.