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Question 21: What are your thoughts on new technologies that have appeared in the field of visual arts? Do you use any of these in your own creative work?


I apply new technologies a lot when it comes to disseminating my work, to showing my work to people. When we think about the work that was involved in the making of slides, the fact is the amount of slides we can produce is very limited. Now we have digital images, making reproductions of my works, setting up a Website, if I want someone to see my work: www that’s perfect; that’s ideal. I make contact with somebody in Europe, they’re interested and want to see my work, www and they’ll see it, an aspect of it. It’s a reproduction, we have to accept that that’s what it is, it’s not the actual piece we’re looking at, but it takes a lot of work off our hands. Simply because I can send it. I could harass people and get a kick out of sending my site to a whole lot of galleries, stuff like that, but I don’t do it because I find it makes everything a little cheap, and I’m taking this seriously. In terms of my own production, it’s been…On another hand, I’m teaching digital photography, I’m teaching technological art. But I think we’re still way too much in love with gadgets. We still haven’t understood what a digital image is, yet we are manipulating it without understanding what we’re manipulating. I’d like it if we took things a little more slowly instead of worrying about having a G‑5 or Photoshop 10000.3 and to work on the latest Macintosh. I’d rather see us working with the old Tandy and stuff like that, and taking the time to understand what is different, between digital and traditional photography. We’re all aware that there’s a difference but nobody is really addressing it, as an artist. There’s plenty of scholars who are. There aren’t any artists that are really taking time to reflect on this difference, what kind of reception is given to this electronic object. In terms of distribution, it’s a revolution. In terms of image creation, we’re going too fast, we’re not taking the time to understand. So I don’t get any satisfaction out of this right now. But I’m working with it because it’s enjoyable. It’s fun to have the gadgets. There’s enjoyment, but no satisfaction, so then.