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Question 13: Does your everyday environment stimulate your creativity? In what way?


Environment, generally speaking. My creation has always taken place within 3 to 4 kilometres from where I lived, simply because I don’t like to waste my time travelling to get photographs; I find it’s too much trouble. So the environment is critical, but that doesn’t mean some environments are better than others. The environment is critical in terms of, to me, working means understanding my place in my environment. So any environment will do. Saying that the environment is important is not to say that a given environment is important. To me Moncton was good for work in terms of, my God, was I ever able to create in Moncton! You know, in terms of preparing an exhibition and setting up a piece of art on a wall, asking for comments and offering an eraser as opposed to a piece of chalk…If that’s not a way of riling people, I don’t what will rile them. But, as far as I am concerned, Moncton was the perfect environment to do that sort of thing. I burned bridges in Moncton, could be a good thing, anyways, that’s what needed to be done at the time. Now I’m in Corner Brook, in Newfoundland. Oh my God, there’s jocks out there, believe you me. These folks enjoy their sport and, for one reason or another, I’m letting myself get caught up with it too. But what I’m realizing though is that Corner Brook is as important to my work as Moncton or Montreal were when I used to live there. To a degree my work changed while I was living in those environments. But the quest is still to try to understand what my place is here, what am I doing here. So the environment is probably important but not one given environment per se. I could be parachuted just about anywhere and leave me there for six months, a year, and my work will become as prolific, as congruent each time, and I don’t miss Moncton, not one bit. There’s just nothing I miss. Not because I didn’t like it, not because I have no respect, not because it wasn’t important. Because, this is not the moment, and I tend to live in the moment when it comes to that sort of thing.