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Question 8: How do you approach the creation of a new work? Do you have a specific method or way of initiating the process?


No, it’s something quite spontaneous. If I can find a space… I work a lot with the human body, so if I find a person I want to work with, I try to find a space, and try to find the person, and sometimes I look for something to inspire me. It’s hard to say, it might be a book I’ve read, a movie, maybe even something that I trip over. I sometimes have things lying around on the floor that I can trip over… Oh, this would be good for… Everything seems to fall into place sometimes, depending on what I’m trying to explain or the theme I’m working on. I have an idea to start with but sometimes it changes, because I’m not trying to follow what’s in my head, it’s difficult. It all depends on the circumstances, the time, the person and the place.