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Question 5: How has your artistic practice or approach developed over the years?


I started at the Art Institute as a painter but by the time I left, I was more or less a photographer. I began to get really interested in photography in second year. So I did a major in photography and a minor in painting. At the time I graduated I hadn’t yet started to combine the two. But one time, after I had returned to Baie Sainte-Marie, I was working on a photograph and I also had a canvas for a painting I was working on, and as I crossed over a photograph holding some paint, a large drop fell on the picture and I thought I had ruined it. I was going to submit that photo in a competition the next day. So I tried to wipe the paint stain off, but it was acrylic so it didn’t work at all, it was spreading. But I found that it still looked good, so I continued spreading paint on it more aggressively. The next day I entered the picture in the competition; I had no choice, it was the deadline for submission. And I won that competition, so that let me understand that I was doing something interesting. I’ve continued to combine the two mediums since then.