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Question 21: What are your thoughts on new technologies that have appeared in the field of visual arts? Do you use any of these in your own creative work?


Yes, I’ve just recently worked with a digital camera. And that’s very helpful, because photography is something that is very expensive to practice. When you do it digitally, you can take many more pictures and erase them if you want. So it lets you see more quickly. In a regular camera, you have to take the picture then get the picture developed, and that means there’s a period of time that you don’t know whether or not you’ve captured the image. But digital is more direct, I think, it’s really quite close. I like that aspect of it, because I like to see and I like to see if I’ve captured the image I want or not. So it allows me to work a little more quickly, and that’s something that technology does that I like very much.