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Question 17: In your opinion, how could society provide better support for the dissemination and the development of visual arts?


Yes that’s a big question. But precisely because I’m a visual artist, and that it’s so difficult to get people to come and see visual art. Even when it’s free. I don’t know how to tell them: Come and see. A lot of the time it really costs nothing at all for them to participate in that way. I also find that people are afraid to approach artists or to ask to see their work. I don’t know exactly why they are so afraid. It has to be in schools as well, because in Nova Scotia art was never taught in our schools. So you don’t have an audience that has reached a certain level, who will want to view art, because they don’t know anything about it. To me, that is sad. Various things could be done to generate support for artists in the school system, for instance visiting artists at their studios, taking tours of exhibitions, but also more money for grants, assistance for artists, creation grants. And supporting them is not something that is easy to achieve, but it’s something very important, especially for lesser known arts such as visual arts.