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Question 15: What motivates you to pursue a career as an artist? Why make art?


I don’t know, it’s something that is extremely difficult to do. And it’s becoming more and more difficult, because it’s harder to get grants. It’s more difficult to live off your art, more than ever before. I don’t really know what motivates me. When I’m making art, I feel good. I’ve created something, so that gives me a sense of ownership. I’m not part of something bigger, I’m the one who has created it. It has always been part of my life, so I think that it’s still very important. It helps me do things, learn on my own, learn about my identity, learn about my Acadian community. Maybe I should tell myself to do something else because I’ll never make it. But on other days I look at the work I’ve done and I still like it a lot. I feel that it’s bigger than me. I don’t know if I’ll ever live off my art but art is what keeps me alive, so that’s what matters to me.