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Question 13: Does your everyday environment stimulate your creativity? In what way?


Yes, that’s something interesting because sometimes I think that yes, it’s stimulating to me and other times, I think it’s not. It depends on the day. Because where we live it’s quite isolated, quite peaceful and real small. But I feel this provides me with a certain quality of life, and I can create a lot more pieces. If I lived in a large centre, it would be harder because there would always be the rent and the need to find a job. I think I can create a lot more and living in isolation I feel that I can be more original in my work. This can be good or bad. I think it’s both good and bad simultaneously. I also work with Université Sainte-Anne a lot, in their darkroom, this also lets me access tools that I would not necessarily have the funds for. I can use their spotlights, the darkroom, and there’s also some cameras I can use, so that’s very helpful to me.