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Question 10: Are there recurring themes or subjects in your art?


Yes my work has lots of themes. Because I am Acadian, that brings in several themes, such as religion, Catholics. I don’t practice a religion but I find that it’s something that has left its mark on me. That’s because having been raised in a small region, as a boy I went to church, and the first works of art I ever saw were Jesus on the cross. This was very influential for me, it comes up a lot in my work, religious feelings are often present. And also the body, it’s something that I find very fascinating, and I often work with the naked body. When I was at the Art Institute, we were really forbidden to represent nudes, for some reason. This really struck me only a while later, because it’s one of the major fields in photography. I’ve found that when people take off their clothes, the result is totally different. It also takes the work out of time, it makes it a larger work, gives it a larger scope. It’s always challenging to me, because working with the nude body has political facets and cultural facets. It sort of simmers, and that’s all part of my work.