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Question 8: How do you approach the creation of a new work? Do you have a specific method or way of initiating the process?


Well If I have something to say, if I have a message or if I want to be specific or something, well I’m going to try to make a painting and I’ll say something like, “It’s a man sitting at a table eating, let’s say, smelts or something like that”. Well at some point, I’ve done this, this is what it is. But all of a sudden I hang that on a wall and it’s not everyone who… I’ve started giving really long titles to my paintings because one of my friends told me: Yvon, the minute the painting is hung on the wall, well if it’s an elephant going down the street with red toenails, that’s what it is. I said, No that’s not it, it’s a boat with fish. Then he said, “It’s not important”. Each painting is unique and different and it’s more or less up to the people to give it the interpretation they like. There is surely a kind of dialog that I’d like to believe goes on between myself and these people. Yet with a lot of people, I’ll be talking about a particular painting and say it’s such and such a thing, and they go, Oh really? Is that what that is? I hadn’t seen that. I find that really funny. There’s something funny in all that.