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Question 6: Have you used a number of different media? If so, how did you come to specialize in the media that you currently favour?


Well, let’s say you’d become bored with always doing the same thing: paint, paint for the longest time, I used to paint with eggs, vinegar and gouache. I used to mix the paint right on the canvas. I really liked it because it was dry within an hour and then I could work on it again almost the same day. I’d go in, in the morning, and do a painting, I’d go back in the afternoon and change it, and then at night I’d go in to put in my black lines. I worked in that manner for about 10 years, 10 to 15 years. Then I started to paint in oils. I’ve always done prints here and there as well, but it’s been quite a while since I’ve done any. I’ve become less interested in printmaking. Just to avoid becoming royally bored, I use different mediums and I take photos. I’ve started to use photography lately, using it as a tool to remember. You know, I go to the studio and, let’s say there was a red blouse and a green sweater, well two weeks later, when I’m doing the painting, I don’t remember it that well. If someone comes to the studio to have their portrait done, I will take a picture of them just to get details, the kind of thing that I seem to emphasize. It’s not so much that it's green, that it's blue, that it's red, that’s not really how I work. It’s just as a sort of security, especially if the painting I want to do is somewhat elaborate, with a lot of details, then I like to use photos. It’s to prevent the boredom of, Oh no, acrylic again! Now I paint with acrylic because it’s so practical. One day and it’s dry.