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Question 21: What are your thoughts on new technologies that have appeared in the field of visual arts? Do you use any of these in your own creative work?


Except for the fact that I own a digital camera, an older digital camera, really old, it’s three years old and it’s already an antique. That’s the only time I use modern technology. Of course, I’m fascinated by all of it, I really like it, but I’ve always questioned, wondered how I could take it and use it in my works, except to use it for something like reproduction, that is, to take a photo of a painting and reproduce it for ever and ever. I really like, you know when we mentioned other artists, like Warhol, what I really like about Warhol is that he would make one picture and say, Why make one picture of Marilyn Monroe, we’ll make 2 million of them, because she’s so beautiful, so fascinating, we’ll make 2 million and we’ll be saturated with Marilyn Monroe. Well I’d like to do that, to take a painting let’s say La mort de ma mère and do it over again 200 times. It’s just that you have to work with the medium and try to understand it, and that’s what is a bit difficult because it’s new. I fool around on the computer for days, trying to see how I could… Up to now, the only thing I’ve done is try to take a picture of a painting and, in the studio, try to reproduce it by using the picture I’ve made on the computer. I’ve never tried to go any further than that. It seems that for me, it’s just a replacement for slides. I really like it when you go to galleries and they have monitors that play videos, or something of the kind, but it’s on computers and produces something like slide shows, I’m quite fascinated with that.